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Every sales lead, if rightly tracked and nurtured, can be a revenue generating opportunity. However, one must have the right process and tools in place to make sure these are properly guided towards the most likely result of sales planning. For this reason, businesses consider lead management as one of the important activities in their organization-wide sales and marketing process.

What are Leads?

In Zoho CRM, leads are considered as raw details of company, person or business opportunity. These are unqualified sales opportunities gathered at various situations, such as trade shows, seminars, advertisements, purchases from external sources and other marketing campaigns for the purpose of sales.

What is Lead Management?

Lead management is an important business process that combines tools with techniques to enable effective leads generation, management and tracking of new sales opportunities. In Zoho CRM, lead management is a powerful solution to automate and enhance the most inconsistent, disorganized and error-prone processes involved in acquiring and tracking leads through their entire life-cycle.

Lead Management

The different stages in Zoho CRM's lead management process are:

Lead Generation

Lead generation refers to the capturing of consumers interest toward purchasing products or services. These sales leads are captured through various sources, including campaigns, exhibitions, referrals, phone calls, and branding. Zoho CRM provides you with different methods to generate leads: Form Filling, Quick Create, Importing, Web Forms and Developer API.

Lead Assignment or Distribution

Manually assigning new leads to specific individuals (owners) can be tedious. Zoho CRM allows you to create a workflow rule to assign new leads to salespeople based on specific criteria, such as geographic region, activity, etc.

Lead Qualification

With the scope for further follow ups, the lead qualification process is essential to lead generation. This stage separates the sales ready leads from the general inquiries that are entered into Zoho CRM.

Lead Conversion

Once a business opportunity is established through further negotiations or follow-ups, a lead is transformed to an Account, Contact and business opportunity. At this point, the lead management process is complete.

What do I Gain from Zoho CRM's Lead Management?

Across all industry sectors, marketing campaigns and brand promotion activities are the initial steps to finding and attracting new customers. However, you must effectively nurture the leads until they grow up to be prospective buyers. Zoho CRM's lead management process provides you the necessary tools and techniques in acquiring and tracking leads through the entire life cycle.

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