Manage projects contextually within Zoho CRM

There are several scenarios where your sales and marketing teams would need to know the progress of client deliverable. However, this type of information is stored in some other place; typically a project management system. With Zoho CRM, you can manage the entire customer life cycle - beginning from generating leads to closing deals and executing projects in one place. This puts the project information in the context of the clients you are working them for.

All that you need to manage projects

A comprehensive project management system that includes task tracking, milestones, Gantt charts, timesheets, analytics and reporting, document collaboration and issue tracking is available right within your CRM.

Zoho Projects Integration

Info on your projects, exactly where they're needed

The projects associated with each account, contact or potential are shown in their respective modules in Zoho CRM. You can edit or remove these projects right here or even create new ones. This lets those working with your customer information, contextually manage project information.

Project Management

No more juggling between apps

Project management is now a built-inmodule within Zoho CRM. This helps you plan, execute and track the progress of your client projects right here.

Project Management

Take quick action on your calls

Your sales reps can directly log information from their calls. They would be adding these details from CRM but they would get shown with the project in Zoho Projects. This helps those executing them to take quick action.

Project Management

A Business Scenario: Construction Project

Here is an example of how project information can come in handy to your sales team.

Frank's house is getting built by a construction firm. Cindy, a sales rep in the firm, needs to collect payments as parts of the construction work such as painting, plumbing and laying electrical wires get done. She has all the information about Frank within Zoho CRM. However Neil, the site engineer in charge of construction, updates progress in Zoho Projects.

The Project portal and CRM org of the firm have been linked. Therefore, as Cindy looks at Frank's details in Zoho CRM, she also sees the updates made by Neil. Thus, as Neil completes each portion of work, Cindy can easily call Frank and collect payments.


Integration with Zoho Projects is available in the Professional and Enterprise Editions of Zoho CRM, at no extra cost. A Zoho Projects subscription is required, but even the Zoho Projects Free edition will work with this integration.

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