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Zoho CRM now has a fully featured, seamlessly integrated, advanced analytics, powered by Zoho Reports. Zoho Reports makes it easy to slice and dice your Zoho CRM data the way you like. You can easily create sales funnels, know your win/loss rates, do sales predictions, gauge your sales team performance, track your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and do much more in a flash.

With Zoho Reports' powerful sharing & collaboration features, you can easily share the reports and dashboards you create to your colleagues and even collaborate with them in creating those reports. You can also set schedules for emailing reports automatically, print them and also export the reports into a variety of file formats (PDF, XLS, and HTML). You can also empower yourself with the right performance indicators and take informed business decisions to maximize your sales return & efficiency.

What Can You Do With The Advanced CRM Analytics?

  • Seamless Integration: Your Zoho CRM data gets synced automatically to Zoho Reports. Access a full fledged BI tool seamlessly from within your Zoho CRM account.
  • Ready made Reports & Dashboards: Zoho Reports add-on provides you with more than 70 hand-picked, ready made reports & dashboards, that you'll love and find great value instantly.
  • Variety of Reporting Components: Use a wide variety of charts, pivot tables and tabular view components to build insightful reports and dashboards.
  • Collaborative Analysis: Develop reports together with your colleagues. Share the data and reports securely and accurately, with fine-grained access controls.
  • Visual Analysis: Visually analyze and build insightful reports and dashboards with easy drag-and-drop interface... no IT help required!
  • Email, Export & Print reports: Export or Print reports for offline access. Even schedule your reports and dashboards to be emailed automatically.
  • Embed Reports Anywhere: Embed your reports and dashboards across Websites, Blogs and Applications for wider consumption.

Business Scenario - Sales Target Report

A Sales Target or Quota report compares a sales person’s set sales target vs the sales actually achieved. The below slide show explains how this can b easily set up using the Advanced CRM Analytics


Advanced CRM Analytics (powered by Zoho Reports) is available in all the paid editions of Zoho CRM and you need the Standard Plan or above in Zoho Reports.

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