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Configuring Zoho PhoneBridge

You need to configure certain fields in Zoho CRM to be able to execute inbound and outbound calls with Zoho PhoneBridge.

Enabling Zoho PhoneBridge Trial Version

You must have the Administrator privileges to enable the Zoho PhoneBridge trial. During the trial period, you can activate licenses up to 5 users in your Zoho CRM account. After the 15 days trial, you can activate the licenses for all users by subscribing to the Zoho PhoneBridge add-on.

To enable the PhoneBridge trial

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM with administrator privileges.
  2. Click Setup > Apps & Add-ons > Other Apps > PhoneBridge.
  3. Click Enable Trial.
    Zoho PhoneBridge will be enabled for any 5 active users in your company's CRM account.


  • You can disable Zoho PhoneBridge for certain users and enable it for other users. See Also Enabling/Disabling PhoneBridge for Users.

Enabling/Disabling PhoneBridge for Users

To enable or disable Zoho PhoneBridge for users

  1. Click Setup > Subscription Manager > Activate Users.
  2. In the Activate Users page, click Edit.
  3. Select or Clear the Zoho PhoneBridge check box(es) corresponding to the users for whom you want to enable or disable the add-on.

  4. Click Save.


  • You can also click Manage Users for Zoho PhoneBridge, in the Create a Zoho PhoneBridge Group page to enable or disable Zoho PhoneBridge for users.

Creating PhoneBridge Groups

To implement Zoho PhoneBridge for your organization, you must create the Zoho PhoneBridge groups and add users to the groups. A separate group has to be created for each PBX system. Each group has to be associated with a user, who becomes the Group Identification User for that particular Zoho PhoneBridge Group.

PBX Dial Code Formats

Scenario 1

If you have to dial '1000' before making Long Distance Calls and '9' before making local calls, the PBX Dial Code to be entered is: LONGDIS:1000;LOCAL:9

Scenario 2

You have Sales Groups divided by region (Europe, Africa, etc.). The number to be dialed before making calls to the Europe region is 1500 and Africa is 00. The PBX Dial code is to be specified as follows: EUROPE:1500;AFRICA:00


  • The value for DESTINATION is only for the user's reference and can contain any text.

To create a Zoho PhoneBridge group

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM with administrator privileges.
  2. Click Setup > Apps & Add-ons > Other Apps > PhoneBridge.
  3. In the Zoho PhoneBridge page, click Create a PhoneBridge Group if you are creating it for the first time.
    If you have already created PhoneBridge groups before, click New Group.
  4. In the Create a Zoho PhoneBridge Group page, specify the details.(Refer to the table below).

  5. Click Save.

Important Notes

  • You have to create a separate Zoho PhoneBridge Group for every PBX System.
  • You can create any number of Zoho PhoneBridge Groups in your CRM account.
  • The Group Identification User can be either a standard user or a user with administrative privileges.

List of Fields for creating a Zoho PhoneBridge Group

Field Field Type Description
PhoneBridge Name Text box Enter a name for the Zoho PhoneBridge Group
Group Identification User Picklist Choose a user from the list.
Associate CRM Group Picklist Choose an already existing CRM group to be associated with the Zoho PhoneBridge Group.
All users of the selected CRM Group, with the Zoho PhoneBridge license enabled, will be part of the Zoho PhoneBridge Group.


  • The CRM Group creation feature is available only in the Enterprise Edition. For Professional and Free Editions, the field value will be displayed as "None".
PBX Type Picklist Select the type of PBX system from the list.
The PBX systems supported are: Asterisk 1.6, Avaya and Elastix 1.4.
PBX Dialcode Text box Specify the PBX dialcode for the PBX system.
This is the prefix that will be added to a telephone number while making outgoing calls. The pattern to be followed is DESTINATION:CODE. For examples, see PBX Dialcode Formats.
User Name Picklist Choose a user to add to the Zoho PhoneBridge Group.

You can add additional users by clicking Add Group Users
[PBX] Extension Text box Specify the PBX extension number of the user.
Set as Default? Checkbox Enable this field if the user's PBX extension number has to be considered as the default number while making outgoing calls.

This is useful when a user is part of more than one Zoho PhoneBridge Group.

Consider the scenario:
User 1 is part of two PhoneBridge Groups X and Y, and the Extension numbers specified in the PhoneBridge groups for the user are '1234' and '5678', respectively. If all outgoing calls have to be made from the Extension Number '1234', then, the Set as Default? field has to be checked against the extension number of user 1 in the PhoneBridge Group 'A'.
Default Dialcode Picklist Choose a default dialcode option for outgoing calls. This list will display the options specified in the PBX Dialcode field.

The option chosen will be prefixed to the contact's telephone number before dialling from Zoho CRM.
If 'NOPREFIX' is chosen, the telephone number will be dialed as specified in the contact's record.
If 'None' is chosen, you can choose the PBX Dialcode before making the outgoing call. A screen pop-up with available options will be shown.