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Standard Fields in Forecasts

Following are the list of Zoho defined standard fields available in the Forecasts module:

Field Name Description Data type Maximum Limit
Year* Select the fiscal year from the drop-down list. Pick list -
Quarter* Select the quarter of the fiscal year. Pick list -
Month Display the month of the selected quarter. Month  
Quota Specify the quota for the month. Currency -
Closed Display the amount from the closed won potentials. Currency -
Committed Amount Specify the total amount a sales person confident of closing during forecast period. Currency -
Best Case Amount Specify the amount a sales person might be closing. This amount can be either more or less than Commit Amount. Currency -
Pipeline Displays the amount in the sales pipeline. Currency -
Owned By Displays the owner of the forecast. Lookup -
Created By Displays the person created the forecast first time. Date/Time format -
Last Modified By Displays the person modified the forecast. Date/Time format -