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Feature Availability & Limits

Features New Pricing Editions
Free Standard Professional Enterprise
Pricing 3 Users (Free) $12 /user license $20 /user license $35 /user license
Sales Force Automation        
Sales Forecasting  
Forecasts Based on Territories      
Document Library  
Activities - Tasks, Events, Calls
(Tasks, Events, Calls)
Recurring Activities
Book Hotels
(Powered by TravelNow)
Multiple Currencies      
Social (Integration with Facebook, Twitter)
Social Tab (Facebook & Twitter accounts of the Company)    
CRM Analytics        
Standard Reports
Custom Reports   100 Unlimited Unlimited
Schedule Reports   15 Schedulers 25 Schedulers 40 Schedulers
Standard Dashboards  
Custom Dashboards   10 Dashboards Unlimited Unlimited
Marketing Automation        
Mass Email   250/day 500/day 1000/day
Custom Email Templates 2 Templates 100 Templates Unlimited Unlimited
Email Opt-out
Autoresponders       3 autoresponders
Schedule Mass Email    
Inventory Management        
Price Books    
Sales Orders    
Purchase Orders    
Inventory Templates    
Customer Support        
Web-to-Case Form     10 forms/module 20 forms/module
Notify Owner    
Assignment Rules     20 rules & 20 rule entries 20 rules & 50 rule entries
Case Escalation Rules      
Business Hours      
Data Administration        
File Storage (for Org.) 1 GB 1 GB
512 MB /user license
1 GB
512 MB /user license
1 GB
1 GB /user license
Additional Storage (for Org.)   $4/month for 5 GB $4/month for 5 GB $4/month for 5 GB
Records 5000 records 100,000 records Unlimited Unlimited
Import Data 1000 10000 20000 20000
Data Import - Clone option
Data Import - Skip and Overwrite option   5000 records/batch 5000 records/batch 5000 records/batch
Merge Duplicates -Find & Merge Option
Merge Duplicates -Deduplicate Option    
Import History Past 60 days Past 60 days Past 60 days Past 60 days
Export Module Data 1000 records/module 3000 records/module 3000 records/module 3000 records/module
Free Data Backup   2 data backups/month 2 data backups/month 2 data backups/month
Data Backup $10 /request $10 /request $10 /request $10 /request
API for Third-party App. Integration
1000 calls/day/org. 250 calls/user license 250 calls/user license 500 calls/user license

Max: 5000 calls/day

Min: 2000 calls/day

Max: 10000 calls/day

Min: 3000 calls/day

Max: 25000 calls/day

Min: 4000 calls/day

Security Management        
Users 3 Users (Free) $12 /user license $20 /user license $35 /user license
Profiles   5 15 25
Roles   5 10 250
Territory Management       250 territories
Groups   20 30 50
Field-Level Security    
Custom Links     10 links/module 10 links/module
Default Data Sharing Settings  
Public Read Only
(in Default Data Sharing Settings)
Data Sharing Rules       15 rules
Audit Logs  
Product Customization        
Organize Tabs
Rename Tabs
Group Tabs       10 groups
Custom Modules       5 modules
Page Layout Customization
Email Address Duplication Check  
Standard List Views
Custom List Views 5 list views/module 50 list views/module Unlimited Unlimited
Records in List Views 50 100 100 100
Modify Criteria Pattern
Last Activity Time in Criteria
Custom Related Lists       3 custom related lists/module
Customize Search Layout
Customize Related Lists Columns  
Copy Customizaton  
Web Tabs       10
Custom Fields
(Includes all types of fields)
  10 fields/module 150 fields/module 150 fields/module
Maximum limit for individual field types        
String fields (Text, Pick List, Multi-select Pick List, Email, Phone, Text Area, URL, and Auto Number)
Maximum 10 Text Area fields
  10 60 60
Integer Fields (digits without decimal)   10 20 20
Number fields (Decimal, Percentage, and Currency)   10 15 15
Date Fields   10 15 15
DateTime Fields   10 10 10
Boolean (Check box)   10 20 20
Long Integer Fields   5 5 5
Lookup Fields     5 5
Auto-number Fields
(Inclusive of the total no. of Text fields)
  1 1 1
Formula Fields
(Included in the total no. of custom fields)
  • * Number + Currency = 8
  • * String = 2
  • * Boolean = 2
  • * Date Time = 2
    14 fields/module 14 fields/module
Special Fields        
Contact Role
Terms & Conditions    
Tax Rates    
Workflow Management        
Workflow Rules   3 rules/module 10 rules/module 30 rules/module
Time Based Action       5 actions/workflow rule
Workflow Tasks   5 tasks/action 5 tasks/action 5 tasks/action
Reminder for
Workflow Tasks
Workflow Alerts   5 alerts/action 5 alerts/action 5 alerts/action
Record Owner, Record Creator, Record Owners Manager (options in Alert)    
Using Email field from the
Module & Related Modules
Workflow Field Updates     3 field updates/action 3 field updates/action
Delete (Execute On Record Action)    
Field Update (Execute On Record Action)      
Execute Based on Date Field Value      
Webhooks     1/action
10000 calls/day or 100 calls/user license
(whichever is lower)
10000 calls/day or 200 calls per user license for the org.
(whichever is lower)
Custom Functions       1 Instant Action and 5 Time-Based Actions per Rule
Custom Functions - Calls per Day       10000 calls/day or 200 calls per user license for the org.
(whichever is lower)
Custom Functions - Integration Tasks       5000 Zoho API calls/day using deluge
Custom Functions - Get Data       5000 calls/day
Custom Functions - Post Data       5000 calls/day
Custom Functions - Send Mail       500 emails/day
Approval Process      
Web Forms        
Forms for Leads/Contacts 1 form/module 5 forms/module 10 forms/module 20 forms/module
Approve Records
Assignment Rules     20 rules & 20 rule entries 20 rules & 50 rule entries
Auto Response Rules
Unsubscribe Form
Notify Record Owner  
Zoho Mail Add-on    
BCC Dropbox    
Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook    
Attachments in Email 3 MB 10 MB 10 MB 10 MB
Add-ons & Integrations        
Zoho CRM Mobile Edition
Manage Mail Add-on Users    
Zoho Creator Integration      
Visitor Tracking
Zoho SalesIQ Integration
Zoho Survey Integration  
Zoho Writer Add-on    
Zoho Support Integration  
Zoho Projects Integration  
Zoho Invoice/Books Integration    
Zoho PhoneBridge
Integrations available with Twilio, Ringio, Asterisk, Avaya, and Elastix
Zoho Reports Integration  
Zoho Campaigns Integration  
Plug-in for Microsoft Office    
Attach from Zoho Docs  
Attach from Google Docs  
Google Calendar Synchronization
(For Google Users)
Google Contacts Synchronization
(For Google Users)
Zoho CRM for Google AdWords      
Google Apps        
Zoho CRM Contextual Gadget for Gmail
Export Events to Google Calendar
Export to Google Tasks
Synchronize Google Calendar
(For Google Apps Users)
Synchronize Google Contact
(For Google Apps Users)
Zoho CRM Web Forms for Google Sites   1/module 10/module 20/module
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Last updated on: Nov 11, 2014