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Customizing Zoho CRM is the most powerful way of achieving a successful organization- specific Customer Relationship Management system. One of the key elements of Zoho CRM is its capacity to allow customization and the flexibility to do so, enabling a realistic and a holistic approach to CRM. Based on the organization's requirements, user(s) with Administrative privileges can implement Zoho CRM customization.

Home Tab Customization

Personalize your Home tab by adding components and rearranging them.
Add Components | Change to Customizable Mode

Tab Settings

Customize the tabs by renaming them, hide unwanted tabs and create web tabs of your own.
Organize Tabs | Rename Tabs | Custom Tabs | Manage Web Tabs | Group Tabs

Page-level Customization

Customize page layouts & columns available in the related list items and create custom views to filter records.
Customize Page Layout | Organize Page Details | Related Lists | Search Layout | Manage List View | Add Photo | Business Card View | Add Links | Email Address Duplication Check

Field-level Customization

Create custom fields, formula fields and hide unwanted fields.
Standard Fields | Custom Fields | Formula Fields | Special Fields


Create customized email templates, inventory templates and mail merge templates.
Email Templates | Inventory Templates | Mail Merge Templates