Developer API Help

getRecordById Method


You can use this method to retrieve individual records by record ID.

Request URL

XML Format: Token&scope=crmapi&id=RecordID

JSON Format: Token&scope=crmapi&id=RecordID

Request Parameters

Parameter Data Type Description
authtoken* String Encrypted alphanumeric string to authenticate your Zoho credentials.
scope* String Specify the value as crmapi
id* String Specify unique ID of the record
newFormat Integer(1 or 2) newFormat=1: To exclude fields with "null" values while fetching data from your CRM account.newFormat=2: To include fields with "null" values while fetching data from your CRM account.
version Integer version = 1: (Default value) This will fetch responses based on the earlier API implementation i.e prior to the enhancements made.
version = 2: This will fetch responses based on the latest API implementation.

* - Mandatory parameter


  • Refer the Release Notes page to learn more about enhancements made in the API implementation.


To Fetch Records by ID, use the URL given below: Token&scope=crmapi&id=ID

To Fetch Leads without specifying the newFormat parameter


  • When there is no specification about the response format, the default value "1" is assigned to the newFormat parameter, i.e newFormat = 1 Token&scope=crmapi&id=2000000022020&selectColumns=Leads(Lead Owner,First Name,Last Name,Email,Company,No of Employees,Annual Revenue,Created By,Created Time)

This will return a response like below:

<row no="1">
<FL val="LEADID">2000000022020</FL>
<FL val="SMOWNERID">2000000018005</FL>
<FL val="Lead Owner">John</FL>
<FL val="Company">Zillium</FL>
<FL val="First Name">Scott</FL>
<FL val="Last Name">James</FL>
<FL val="No of Employees">10</FL>
<FL val="Annual Revenue">1000.0</FL>
<FL val="SMCREATORID">2000000016908</FL>
<FL val="Created By">John</FL>
<FL val="Created Time">2010-03-16 10:04:52</FL>
<FL val="Modified Time">2010-03-16 10:04:52</FL>

Test Program

You can use the attached program to run and test the working of the getRecordById method in your Java Environment.
The Java Program contains the following:

  • the auth token generation format
  • the parameters and their values
  • actual usage of the method

Click here to download the program