Developer API Help

API Methods

Method Name Purpose
getMyRecords To fetch data by the owner of the Authentication Token specified in the API request
getRecords To fetch all users data specified in the API request
getRecordById To retrieve individual records by record ID
getCVRecords To fetch data with respect to the Custom View in Zoho CRM
insertRecords To insert records into the required Zoho CRM module
updateRecords To update or modify the records in Zoho CRM
getSearchRecords To search records by regular expressions of selected columns
getSearchRecordsByPDC To search the values based on pre-defined columns
deleteRecords To delete the selected records
convertLead To convert lead to potential, account and contact
getRelatedRecords To get records related to a primary module
getFields To get details of fields available in a module
updateRelatedRecords  To update records related to another record
getUsers To get the list of users in your organization
uploadFile To attach a file to a record
downloadFile To download a file attached to a record
deleteFile To delete a file attached to a record
uploadPhoto To add a photo to a contact or lead
downloadPhoto To download the photo of a contact or lead
deletePhoto To delete a photo of a contact or lead