Webhooks & Custom Functions

Want to instantly generate invoices for customers from your Accounting software on the closing of a business deal in CRM?

Zoho CRM Webhooks makes this communication easy by sending instant web notifications every time an event occurs in CRM. The event can be anything, like for example, the creation of a contact, the closing of a business deal or the updation of a record.


Set up webhooks in simple steps

Configure your HTTP URLs in Zoho CRM by specifying the necessary parameters. You will need to specify the REST API URL of the third-party application.

Specify criteria and automate event notifications

Define workflow rules to specify your webhook trigger criteria. Call Webhooks URLs in Workflow rules to send notifications.

Do more with your CRM data

Integrate customer information with other web apps and extend your CRM system.

Business Scenarios

  • Based on the contact or lead details collected from your website using Zoho CRM Web forms, you can add visitor data to a mailing list. All you need to know is the REST API URL of your email marketing software.
  • Whenever a potential is closed in Zoho CRM, you can instantly enable portal access in your Customer Support software. The event in this case is the closing of a business deal in Zoho CRM.

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