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  • craigdonnelly: We just migrated our CRM system from salesforce.com to zoho CRM. Annual cost for Salesforce was $1600. Cost for zoho is $300.
  • melcooper: #zohocrm I bundle Zoho CRM with all my new website proposals to leverage the fantastic web form capability. Great value!
  • jfloyd: Zoho CRM adds the ability to manage your email from within the application. Only CRM that I know has this feature


The Zoho CRM and Reports teams have been exceptional! During our initial region with a pilot of 25 users they were there by our side each step of the way in helping us configure our system in a way that met our stringent healthcare requirements.
We then rolled out the Zoho CRM system nationally with over 120 users and have continued to experience excellent support and performance from the Zoho team. The system rollout has contributed to a 12% increase in sales productivity, better conversion and the ability to correlate referrals and sign-ons of new patients. Frank Shines, Vice President CCS Medicals

I just finished a long support call with Ganesh. I have been testing Zoho CRM for some clients by setting up a simple implementation for myself. In the setup process I did a couple of things that confused the system and had to be unwound to fix the issues. Ganesh did an excellent job with the call and is a very capable support team member. Malcolm Hobbs, Managing Director, Momentum Strategy Consulting

Zoho’s support has been exceptional, we could setup our CRM in 3 days flat with 0 implementation cost, with new products like phone bridge launched it is making the value proposition more attractive. The post sales support we have been receiving from Zoho has been amazing. I would highly recommend Zoho to all SME’s, they play a key role in our success! Suraj Sreenath, Head of Sales & Operations,DreamGains Financials

We have been using Zoho for the last 2 ½ years. This is one of the best thing we have done, it is very simple to use, bug free & amazing support. Especially the report section is just too impressive in terms of the features. Overall I strongly recommend ZOHO to all small & big organisations specially who are sales oriented. Satish Saraf, Vice President, Valueleaf Services India Pvt. Ltd.

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