How to Evaluate CRM?

Realizing the investment towards any CRM initiative, it is crucial to all businesses to have a CRM evaluation method or CRM metrics in place. The prime concern of a CRM system is to improve relationship with customers and generate higher revenue. Therefore, it is necessary to identify if your CRM is to track the efficiency of sales and marketing team or is it to build a strong relationship with your customers? This would help determine the focus of CRM performance. Once the objective of CRM implementation is clearly defined, you can go ahead evaluating the best CRM for your business. This would help to judge how good or bad your CRM initiative has been?

Here are a few major points that can guide you in evaluating a CRM system at its face.


Depending on the type of implementation and the strength of organization, CRM initiative can be a complex and costly venture. Thus your selected CRM should:

Ease of Use

Implementing a CRM system should:

Simplified Workflow

A CRM system in place, should help:


The real efficiency of any CRM implementation lies in:


The drive to maximize the value of your customer relationship necessarily demands the CRM system to:

Post-Sales Support

No CRM system is complete without the end user help files. Besides the tips and tricks to efficient performance, your CRM implementation should have: