Zoho CRM for Call Centers

Zoho PhoneBridge

A Smarter Way to Make and Receive Calls Inside CRM.

In business, every call you make and receive counts. It is important that your sales and telemarketing reps are equipped with the right tools and the right information to interact with your customers. A perfect sync between your CRM and the phone system is just what you need, so you can stop juggling and start managing your calls from CRM, smartly. Zoho PhoneBridge integrates your on-premise and hosted telephony applications with Zoho CRM. Get prompt reminders on calls to be made, know who is calling you and have contextual information about your customers during calls to provide a more effective response.

Prompt Reminders

A Smarter Way to Make and Receive Calls Inside CRM.

With over a hundred calls to make and multiple deals to closely follow, do you have a constant fear about missing out on something important? Don't worry! Zoho PhoneBridge will send you prompt reminders on every call to be made.

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Single Click Dialing

You don't have to pick your phone anymore to call your contact. Click on the call icon that comes with every phone number and initiate calls directly from your lead or contact page in Zoho CRM.

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Personalized Customer Service

"Who is this?" vs "Thankyou for calling us Bob!..." Sure the latter sounds good. When callers are always happy to be greeted by name, Zoho PhoneBridge helps you to identify who is calling you. It displays the caller’s data from CRM in a business card view when you receive a call. Know not just their name, but even conversations, notes, and tasks from the past - all of which helps you in providing a more personalised and effective response.

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Save Time and Increase Efficiency

With automatic call logging feature, you don't have to log your calls manually each time you speak to someone. Add notes instantly while on call or right after, on the call pop-up. What’s more, you can even add follow-up tasks and assign someone to them right from within the same call pop-up.

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