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  • CorbridgeTech: zoho crm has been a great addition to the tools I use to manage my operations. Highly recommend.
  • mediaforceweb: Loving Zoho CRM for setting up staff tasks, logging calls and keeping track of potential new business. Moving up in the world.
  • Alibabaaa : really loving @zoho as a comprehensive and affordable CRM solution! The free version is fantastic for SMB's :)


The success of customer communication depends entirely on the efficient operation of your Contact Centers. Zoho PhoneBridgeTM lets you integrate your call center applications with Zoho CRM, and manage your telemarketing activities during every stage of your business, from lead nurture, to sales follow up and post-sales customer service. Telemarketers, sales reps and customer support agents can leverage data from Zoho CRM in all cold calling and outbound call scenarios and provide a more effective response to customers.

Your Benefits

  • Save time and increase efficiency: Your sales and support teams no longer have to lose time on searching for a contact's details in your CRM system. Key details of a contact, such as name, telephone number and email address will be automatically displayed as a screen pop-up during a call.
  • Never miss out on the minute details of a call: All details of inbound or outbound calls can be captured instantly by logging the call details. With the ability to add notes during the call, every vital detail and requirement of the customer can be stored for future reference.
  • Faster and improved operations: With one click outbound-dial facility, all your agents can make outbound calls faster. There is no time lost in dialing or searching for a contact's telephone number.
  • Personalized Customer Service: All communication with a customer is logged in Zoho CRM. The next time a contact calls, you are well aware of the entire thread of communication that has happened in the past.

Key Features

  • Manage inbound and outbound calls: Execute inbound and outbound calls inside CRM and view the key details of the call, such as name of the contact, email Address and telephone number, instantly.
  • Log call details: Capture all the vital details of a call and associate to a Lead, Contact or Account simultaneously. All recorded details will be available for future reference.
  • Single click dialing: Make outgoing calls instantly from the Contact, Lead or Account details page.
  • Secure connection: Be assured of data security as Zoho CRM communicates with your PBX server over HTTPS (SSL) connection.
  • Connect multiple call centers: Operate multiple call centers in your company as separate entities by creating Zoho PhoneBridge groups.
  • Associate existing CRM group users: As a Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition customer, add users from the existing CRM groups to Zoho PhoneBridge.
  • Set up PBX adapter easily: Configure your PBX system in simple steps by specifying the parameters in the PhoneBridge adapter file.
  • Manage call log reports: Create call log reports based on the current day's, week's month's inbound and outbound calls in Zoho CRM.



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