It's always good to see someone succeed.

Sharing customer's story who got their business solutions from the expert developer community at Zoho Marketplace.

What challenges did you face?

I had a database where I could not eliminate the entries for a particular course when it reached a certain number. I had to check every day so I could close the entry when the course was full, so I needed to put some automatisation into the form.

Why did you chose Zoho Marketplace?

I really love creator - it is so easy, quick and simple to use - so it was natural when I could not solve the problem myself I went for more professional help

Did you get the solution for your problem?

It worked fine. Actually I had three proposals and I just responded to the first one, to get things done. The solution was on time with the funtions I asked for - I prepaid at PayPal and no problems - quick response and quick solution

How has this application improved your business?

Now I know that my function works so I let the automatization take care - I need a few extra things that will make things easier for me, so I will contact MarketPlace when I need this work done.

Experience working with the developer - Pascal Veilleux

As mentioned above - quick, solution work, payment as agreed.