Creator Help

Create a Combined View


In the topic Create Relationship, we created three forms - Employee form, Department form and Role form and created relationship between these forms using single-select and multi-select lookup fields. Now, we will learn how to create a combined view that displays columns from two or more related forms, in a single view.

Steps to create the combined view

  1. Select the New View option from the View tab to create a view with the form which contains the Lookup field. In our example, the Employee form contains the lookup field named "Department" from the department form.
  2. Select the Column Properties option displayed on the left-side of the view.
  3. The lookup field will have the related fields as link. Click on the related fields link, and select the columns to be displayed from the related form.
  4. Click Done, to update the changes.
  5. In Live mode, the combined view will be displayed with the selected fields. For example, in the screen-shot of the Employee view shown below, Mail Alias is a field in the department form.