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Add Comment


Deluge comments are used to describe the script and specify what actions the scrpt is performing. They are usually one line comment type "//" and follow the two forward slashes with your comment. For example: // this is a single line comment

Note: Deluge Comments are only allowed in places such as "on load" scripts. You cannot put them in form or view definitions, etc. 




In the following example, the comment tag explains the code in detail.

// checks if the age specified is less that 20 or greater than 100
if (input.Age < 20) && (input.Age >100)
// displays the specified alert message if validation fails and cancels form submission
alert "age should be between 20 to 100";
cancel submit;

Steps to add the script

To add a comment line in script builder, use the Add comment task as shown in the screen-shot below. Click on the Edit button and specify the comment text.

Refer the topic Using Script Builder for steps to invoke the script builder and add the script.