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Configuring a File Upload Field


The File Upload field type is used to upload Files in Zoho Creator. The uploaded file will be displayed as a link in the Form's report. The maximum size of each file that can be uploaded is only 5 MB. The total file storage space you will get depends on the plan for which you have subscribed. Zoho Creator considers total file storage for an account and not of the individual users. To upload images, you can use the Image field typeThe maximum size of each image that can be uploaded is only 1 MB.

Upload Files and Images

To upload files and images to your form,


  • Drag and drop the File Upload field type to your form.
  • The Adding 'File upload' dialog will be displayed. In the Field Name textbox, specify the name that will be displayed for this field in the Form. The Deluge Name of the field will be same as the field name with underscore instead of white spaces, and will be assigned automatically by Zoho Creator. 
  • Click on Field Properties to configure the File upload field. Refer the topic Field Configurations to learn more about each configuration.
  • Click Done to add the File upload field with the specified configurations.
  • When you Access this application, the file upload field will be displayed in the Form to enable users to upload files and images. Click on the Browse button displayed near the file upload field and give the location of the file/image that needs to uploaded and submit the form.
  • The uploaded file/image will be displayed as a download link in your Report.

Send link of uploaded file or image in an email

To send the URL/link of the uploaded file in the e-mail message, select the “Deluge Mode” tab in the message box of the “Email Task” dialogue. Specify the url within the <a href>tag, in the format given below. For example, in the sample message given below, File_Upload is the name of the file upload field, zoho.adminuser is the name of the app owner and zoho.appname is the application name and test_view is the view link name and the actual link is specified within single quotes.

on add
on success
To : zoho.loginuserid
From : zoho.adminuserid
Subject : "sending uploaded file links in email messages"
Message : "<a href="" + input.File_Upload + "&sharedBy=" + zoho.adminuser + "&appLinkName="+ zoho.appname + "&viewLinkName=test_view">Uploaded File</a>"

Display uploaded images in a report

You can use the Image field type to display the uploaded images in a report.