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Zoho Creator for Google Apps

Universal Navigation

Once Zoho Creator is installed in any Google Apps domain, accessing the service itself is really simple. From Google's universal navigation tool bar in the top left corner, clicking on the "More" link lists all the services installed into the Google Apps Domain. From the list, users can simply click on "Zoho Creator". Since the users would have already logged in into their Google Apps Domain Account, they will be taken to the home page where the applications created by them and the ones shared to them are listed.

Google Apps Users Field

Applications built around team collaboration needs, invariably require the users in the team to be included as a field in the form. Here is where the new field that we have introduced, Google Apps Users, comes in handy. Simply drag and drop this field into your form builder to add this field. This field gives admins an option to display either the User's Name, Email ID or Role in the form. Admins can also apply criteria based on any one of the three values for displaying the user's name or email id in the field.

Email data

For applications involving conversational data or the ones where data can be emailed in a template to the application, Google Apps users can email the data to respective Zoho Creator forms. Google Apps users can create a new group with a domain specific id and map it to the Zoho Creator form's generated email id. Similarly in Zoho Creator, they can set the group id as an alias for the form's generated id. Data sent to the group email id will automatically be added into the form. Data can be emailed in any one of the two formats supported.

Upload from Google Docs

With cloud computing becoming the norm for most small and medium sized business, it is no secret that most of the business relevant information is stored online. In scenarios where such files are to be uploaded along with the data being stored in the applications, Google Apps Users can straightaway upload their documents from their Google Docs. While adding the File Upload field, Google App domain admins have can choose to allow their users to upload documents from local drives or the Google Docs account.


Business applications are meant to be shared among team members and colleagues. Sharing is an extremely intergral part of Zoho Creator. Google Apps domain admins can share their Zoho Creator application only with the users in their domain. Also instead of sharing the application individually to each user Google App domain admins create Groups amongst their domain users and share the application directly to the group itself instead of sharing it individually to each user.