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Sample Apps

A sneak-peek into the world of Zoho Creator.

In the world of Zoho Creator, anything is possible. You can create a wide range of applications for each department of your business. Irrespective of your programming expertise, you can build any application that you have in mind. In this page, you can find some applications that were built on the Zoho Creator platform. Feel free to take a long hard look at each one of them and you are welcome to install these applications into your account. Once installed, you can modify these applications to suit your requirements.

IT Asset Management

A simplistic Zoho Creator solution to help you manage your IT assets. This application can help you maintain both the hardware and the software and track their ownership. The application covers the usual request generation, request approval, request allocation cycle. Apart from helping you keep a record if the licenses obtained, this application can also give you a quick glimpse of the machine types, the Oss and other items of the inventory.

Modules: Inventory, Request management, License management.
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Purchase Manager

A smart way to manage your purchases. The Zoho Creator Purchase Tracker keeps track of all the purchase requests raised and the purchase orders sent in to the vendors. It comes with quick links to raise and approve requests and a comprehensive dashboard that gives you an overview of the approved, rejected and completed requests and pay orders. Vendors and users may be added to this application and each one of them has a dedicated section.

Modules: Purchase Management, Vendor Management,Inventory.
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Expense Tracker

A well thought out application for your personal use. You can track all your expenses, categorize them into various categories and subcategories, keep track of all your income and expense transactions and more. Using extensive reports, making comparisons such as income vs expense, actual vs budgeted expense etc. You can also view the expenditure for each category using the reports. Not just that.. With monthly and daily reports in place, you are sure to save a dollar or two.

Modules: Expense tracking, Income tracking, Income expenditure comparison.
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Travel Application

The complete travel application manager for managing all your local and international travels, visa processing details and approval details. When there is a need to go on a trip simply enter the trip details in the application. The travel request will be sent to the respective manager for approval and once approved the next tasks such as booking tickets, processing visa etc are monitored here. Not just that this application can alsi be used to track the expenses during the travel.

Modules: Travel Management, Visa Processing details, Travel expense monitor.
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Call Logging application

A very useful application that can be used by support personnel to track support calls. One can track different aspects of a call such as the person who was calling, his call back details, the conversation that was carried out. Based on the conversation, the happenings during the call can be forwarded to appropriate persons for further action. This app can also be modified to be used by secretaries to keep a list of calls for their boss and even receptionists to schedule and manage appointment calls.

Modules: Support Tickets management, Call history, Customer contact details.
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