Meet Zoho Creator, the easiest way to build custom apps

Build workflow based apps for your business in minutes

Now integrated with Google Apps. Add it to your domain for free today!

  • Simply drag and drop.

    Be it the fields in your form or the business rules. . Simply Drag and Drop to build.

"Zoho Creator gives Google Apps users the ability to build their own Apps"

  • 1Universal Navigation

    Once Zoho Creator is installed in any Google Apps domain, users can access it right from the universal navigation bar in Google Apps

  • 2Google Apps Users Field

    Users in a Google Apps domain, can be added as one of the fields in Zoho Creator forms

  • 3Email data

    GApps users can now add data to Zoho Creator forms by emailing the details to a custom domain specific email id, in the place of the Zoho Creator form's generated email id

  • 4Upload from Google Docs

    GApps users, can upload documents into their applications from their Google Docs account

  • 5Collaboration

    Google Apps domain admins can share their application only with the users and user groups in their domain

Zoho Creator is used by entrepreneurs, small businesses, educational institutes and non-profits.