All Business Contacts in one Place

Zoho ContactManager lets you store all your contacts in a centralized address book. Be it clients, suppliers, partners or anyone else . Everything you need to know about your business contacts is at your fingertips.

A Unified View of all your Interactions

All you need to know about a contact is available in one place. Tasks, meeting notes, history and all important email conversations with your contact are right inside your contact page. Get instant notifications when you receive emails from your business contacts.

Follow-up on your Tasks and Get Things Done

Assign tasks, track to-dos and plan follow-up activities. Gain clarity on the status of your tasks. Use task templates to share the best practices with your team and stay right-on track while you're working on something more important.

Use Custom Fields to Customize Contact Details

Add a personal touch; use custom fields to store info like your contact's favorite sport or their family birthdays.

Sort out your Stuff using Tags

Categorize and label contacts, deals and other records on various parameters using Tags. Keep track of all relevant action items.

Interact with your Contacts over Social Media

Interact and stay in touch with your contacts on Facebook and Twitter from within the application. Search for social profiles of contacts and associate the right handle from the search results. You can also plan follow-up tasks and send direct messages to your contacts without switching tabs.

Stay on Top of Deals

Follow the companies and contacts that are important to grow your business. Closely monitoring progress through feeds so that business deals slip through cracks.

Share Instant Updates

Got updates to share with the team? With Feeds, you can communicate with your peers instantly - everyone can respond, collaborate, exchange ideas and make collective decisions - get things done right.

ContactManager in your Pocket

Instantly access your contact's phone number, email address, notes and much more using the native App for iPhone and Android phones. Find contacts near your current location and get driving directions while on the go. You can stay in touch with your team using feeds anywhere, anytime.

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