"Zoho goes for the small business customer by helping them
organize and share their contacts"

Why Zoho ContactManager?

Quickly Associate
As you work on various business deals to reach your targets, you would identify various prospective deals. Zoho ContactManager makes it easy for you to add these prospects to your account or map these to one of your team member’s account and keep track of the deals’ status.
Easily Forecast
Know the forecast of your business by tracking the status of all your deals, including all the pending deals. This makes it easier for you to let your higher-ups know the major deals your team has won in a month.
Smoothly Assign Tasks
Using Zoho ContactManager, add new tasks to improve the chances to win business deals faster – depending on the status of your deal.
ContactManager has help readily made for you. When you add a new prospective deal, you can use our set of pre-defined tasks from the template section and associate it to your deal.

Try it out, and we're sure you'll owe us a drink after that!