Explore Zoho ConnectEverything that you need to connect with people, to find and share information, give feedback and collaborate.

PeopleFind people and connect with them instantly, whether they work in your own building or work from a remote geographical location.

  • Follow

    Follow is a nice way to connect and is a form of expression of shared interest. Follow the person and get updates on information that is shared by the person.

  • User Profiles

    It's all about you. Create your personal profile, upload your photo, provide extensive information regarding your area of expertise and let people find you when they need you for a solution.

  • Company Directory

    In the company directory, you can easily find contact information or filter the list to find the right person for your inquiry. Find and follow peers and experts to expand your network.

Active directory Integration Accelerate your user adoption, by syncing the already existing user accounts in your active directory. Let your users sign in using their active directory account credentials.

Active directory

GroupsGroups connect people of the same team or different teams with the same goals or common interests so they can get more done with less effort. Form a group around projects, departments, or activities. You can create and add custom applications to your groups that will help your group to get work done efficiently.


  • A Private Workspace for your Team

    Create Groups if you have some important information that you wish to share only with your team or with coworkers who are involved in a particular project.

  • Control Accessibility

    You can decide who sees what information. You can create either public and private groups. Public groups are accessible by all. Private groups are accessible only by the members of the group.

PagesPages are similar to Profiles and is a great way to showcase important information to your organization about a project or an event. Pages are public and allow anybody in your company to follow and engage themselves in discussions.

  • Brand your Page

    These are the design pages created for the unique needs of your organization. You can customize the look and the feel of the page by adding a banner and a logo.

  • Follow a Page

    When you find information that is sync with your interests, you can follow and stay updated by just following the right Page.

Powerful Search This search functionality makes it easier to find what you need right when you need it.

  • Full-Text Content Search

    Lets you quickly search for users, streams and groups by keywords. All results are displayed, and appear in context with your search term.

  • Search as you Type

    Suggested search results appear as you type to help you find users and groups. Search results are categorized based on people and groups.

  • Filtered Search

    Apply filters to search and to find what you need. View Search results by group, page, people, conversations or streams . You easily find what you are looking for by just narrowing your search.