Explore Zoho ConnectEverything that you need to connect with people, to find and share information, give feedback and collaborate.

External NetworkCreate a network for your partners, vendors, agents, customers or other external parties to collaborate with members of your internal network.

External Network

Document ManagementYou can upload and Share documents, images, videos and presentations with your coworkers using this application.


  • Manage Files

    Manage all your files from one location. It helps you keep files more organized, keep a track of changes that have been made to documents and locate files.

  • Collaboration

    You can create folders for different projects and share them with your colleagues. It makes file sharing easy and provides a collaborative environment for documents so you can work on the same document in real-time and get instant feedback on document changes.

Custom ApplicationsPick an app or create an app that fits your team's unique needs. Customize and Share your apps with your colleagues.

Custom Applications

  • Apps for your business

    Every team within your organisation has unique process. You can design and automate a business process using custom workflow. It performs a variety of automated actions based on criteria specified.

  • Drag-n-Drop Builder

    Zoho Creator integration with Zoho Connect helps you build apps within minutes. With Creator's drag-and-drop builder it makes it extremely easy for business users to build their own custom apps

  • Share and Collaborate

    Custom Application can be created both at organisation and group level. You can collaborate effectively by collecting the information you need.

Discussion ForumsForums are a community for users to discuss, seek peer support, offer advice and to share ideas on product road-maps, departmental strategies or business achievements


  • Easy- to-use

    Forum application is easy and simple to use. It is enabled with simple management options.

  • Topic Types

    Organize the discussions better using the available topic types ie., ideas, questions, problems & announcements.

BlogsIt is an easy way to share your thoughts -on just about anything. It's your personal writing space where you could express your views in the form of a blog post.


  • Share what you like

    Creating your blog takes just a few easy steps. In a matter of minutes you can start posting text, photos, videos and more.

  • WYSIWYG editor

    It's easy. You can edit your blog post content instantaneously. You see the changes the moment you type. No training is necessary to edit contents.

  • Comment from your readers

    Comments complement your blogs. It's easy for readers to leave comments on any of your blog posts, giving you useful insights and viewpoints.

WikiWiki is knowledge based documentation. Create, edit and promote effective knowledge transfer


  • Share and Collaborate

    Each team or department can create it's own wiki. Users of a group can edit the wiki to update the knowledge base.

  • Knowledge Management

    Build an effective knowledge base for your business through a collaborative environment. Ensure data accuracy and stay notified on the changes made in the wiki.