Immediate access to customers

  • With Zoho Commentbox, you can easily access customer insight and information, collect feedback through multiple channels and connect with customers in real-time. With all of this information at your fingertips, managing feedback and perfecting your product or service is easier and more effective than ever.
  • Feedback Widget

    Gain insight into what your customers really think. Embed the Feedback Widget into your website to directly gather user feedback about your product/service. With an integrated voting system and plenty of space for commentary, the Feedback Widget provides a fundamental look inside the consumer mindset, allowing you to provide more effective customer support and an overall better product/service.
  • Twitter Integration

    Take advantage of social media's most powerful tool in a new, more productive way. With an integrated Twitter feed in your feedback management tool, you can directly track what your customers are tweeting about your product or service, without leaving your portal page. Collecting feedback and responding to customers in real-time is the best way to create an ideal experience for your users.
  • Zoho CRM Integration

    Maximize lead generation and customer follow-up with Zoho CRM integration. From within Commentbox, you can push new contacts and leads directly into your CRM system, strengthening your customer relationship management and effortlessly generating potential new clients.
  • User Profiles, Messaging, Labels

    Create an engaging customer community with your feedback management tool. Users can create and manage their own profiles and activity, and communicate with other users, generating a sense of connection and involvement with your product or service.
  • Email to Forum

    Community users can submit a post to your online forum simply by sending an e-mail to a pre-configured e-mail address. This comes with throttle control to keep spammers away. Users can now respond to forum topic from email.