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Zoho Challenge helps you create self grading quizzes, assign it to candidates, assess their performance and analyze results. Bid goodbye to paper based testing. Create paperless online quizzes with Zoho Challenge's quiz maker - for your classroom or your employees today.

Quiz Maker for the Classroom

Ms Beth teaches children from different grades. Like any educator, teaching and evaluating always go hand in hand. Zoho Challenge's powerful quiz maker eliminates the chunk of her work by auto-evaluating quizzes and letting her set multiple question papers in a breeze.

Her students like using Zoho Challenge because it has transformed question papers from just bland sheets to something interactive and multimedia-rich. In fact, they can take practice tests before a quiz and self-assess themselves. She's now able to focus on teaching and not fret over paper evaluation everyday.

Quiz Maker For Training Employees

Frank works in the Human Resources department and trains new employees in his company. After every training session, he reinforces concepts with case studies - by giving his employees a comprehension-type questionnaire. The employees take the quiz using Zoho Challenge.

Once they're done, they can immediately see what the ideal case study results would be. Thanks to Zoho Challenge, Frank is also able to reuse tests for subsequent training programs without doing much work. Frank also assigns his tests to several batches in a go - also made possible by Zoho Challenge's quiz maker.


  • Reuse quizzes
  • Randomize questions and options
  • Auto evaluation and multiple evaluators
  • Embed quizzes in your school's website or intranet
  • Instant test results, sorted by candidates' name and scores
  • Restrict quizzes using email, IP addressses or codes or make tests open for all
  • Support for multimedia quizzes - embed videos and pictures right into your question
  • Don't ever bother about continuously updating software - new features are rolled out automatically

Customer Testimonials

"Zoho Challenge has provided the University of Southern California with the ability to easily administer and track tests"

"With Zoho Challenge, we have kept our assessment module on autopilot"

Anand More
MTC Pvt. Ltd.

"Zoho Challenge is helping me in becoming a better teacher. Students get a personalized random test during the exams"

Giuseppe Levi
University of Bologna

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