Questions are the core aspect of any quiz. Zoho Challenge packs so much power into questions, their variety and organization.

Rich Question types

Zoho Challenge supports a rich variety of question types:

Benefits :
  • Multiple Choice - with the option to allow candidates to add their own choices
  • Single Answers
  • True / False
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Descriptive
That is not all - expect more variety in the near future.

Easy to use WYSIWYG editor

Focus on the task at hand - creating contextually rich and even multimedia based questions. Not on learning new mark up and programming. Zoho Challenge makes it easy to stay focused on the main task - designing questions and organizing them - not how to key them in.

Multi Media Questions

Not all questions are meant to be read and responded. Some or better expressed visually including accompanying audio. Can you imagine a quiz on music that is just text based?

With Zoho Challenge - creating a multimedia quiz is as easy as creating a normal quiz. After-all we live in the 21st century!

Comprehension Questions

Zoho Challenge is probably the only affordable on-demand quiz making software have this feature. Use Comprehension type questions to give a passage / graph / video and ask a set of questions on that.

Your candidates can read the passage, and respond to related questions. Each "sub" question can have its own set of tags, points. Of course, all question types are supported.

Detailed comments and evaluation keys

A simple technique that helps you in multiple ways. Display correct answers and arguments to your candidates, while at the same time keeps all your evaluators on the same page. This nifty feature is very useful if you are a school is focused on consistency or you just want to conduct hassle free tests where candidates learn better.

Create powerful online tests, question banks and more

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