Results, Reports and Export

Analyzing test results is an essential part of testing. These analysis can be used to motivate candidates to focus on specific areas where they are weak or need to do better. Reports can also turn up data about which questions are tougher and throw light on topics that need better coaching. Zoho Challenge packs powerful queriable and flexible analytics toolkit that can help you get insights that are unique to your testing needs.

Test Results

You can view test results sorted by rank, submission time, pass percentage or alphabetical order of candidates. You can also search for a candidate and locate their answer paper too. Additionally, you can view the answer papers grouped by results (pass / fail / in progress).


Reports on question performance, Test performance

Enjoy the power of a Zoho family product. Here, we quickly leverage Zoho Reports to generate basic and advanced reports and data exports that help you analyze how a candidate is performing historically against questions of a particular tag or a particular score point. Similarly you can look at how candidates have performed in a particular test against these criteria.

Export Question Bank

You took a lot of time adding questions to you question bank and categorizing them. Export them all as a word document or pdf or a Zoho Writer document. You can share the exported document later with other contacts or just simply archive them.


Export Test Results

You can export the test results as a Zoho Sheet and further down as excel, pdf , csv and many other formats. You can also view them online, add custom charts and pivots, share it with others and much more!

Calendar Reminders

While reports are useful after the test is taken, custom calendar reminders improve the test taking ratios.

Candidates can unlock the power of powerful calendars like zoho calendar and google calendar and set reminders and alerts right on their phones and other mobile devices.

Now - help candidates never miss a test.


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