Campaign Customization

Campaign Customization

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Header & Footer Customization (Campaign Themes)

Campaign Themes is a way to customize your campaign with respect to the appearance such as background color, font style & shape and header & footer details. In Header & Footer, you can find the display links which determines the background information such as sender of the email and also provides the usability of the document to end customers through quick links.

  • View in Browser Option: This is the banner of an email Campaign and provides an option to open the email in a separate browser.
  • Update Profile: This option allows the customer to update his profile.
  • Subscribe: This option allows the recipients for receiving email notifications, updates and newsletters.
  • Tell-A-Friend: This option allows the recipient to forward a friend about the content.
  • Unsubscribe: This option will let the subscriber to unsubscribe from your list and the contact will be moved to the Do Not Mail Registry. This is done so that such contacts stop receiving emails and you maintain a clean list.

Moreover if you don't want to reflect these in your Header & Footer section, you can make use of Merge Tags to embed the Header & Footer links within your campaign content.

Merge TagsRelated Links
$[LI:SUBSCRIBE]$ Subscribe Link
$[LI:UNSUBSCRIBE]$ Unsubscribe Link
$[LI:TELLAFRIEND]$ Tell a Friend Link
$[LI:UPDATEPROFILE]$ Update Profile Link
$[LI:VIEWINBROWSER]$ View in Browser Link
$[HF:ORGADDRESS]$ Company Address

Learn how to create campaign themes for your email campaign

Personalize Your Email Campaign

You can personalize your messages with your recipients’ name, address and other details by using merge tags. Merge Tags are smart tags that pulls data directly from your mailing list into your email message. You can personalize the subject and/or the content.

Case study on Personalization by First name

Fotomania is a store which sells photo prints, mugs, calendars, and related stationery products. They send a weekly newsletter on promotional offer about deals and discounts. To make the product offers reach their subscribers, the marketing team comes with an idea to address their customers with their first name. No wonders! This move not only doubled their business but also made them to find other ways to personalize their emails.

Why Fotomania business galloped to heights by a slight change in addressing the recipients? Because, their strategic move to address by their first name was to make them feel, how special the subscribers are to them? The logic behind this idea is very simple and rational. It was an Email with Human Touch and not a bulk email sent to mass mailing list.

Similarly, you can personalize your content by using the merge tags for the footer notes in your email and get spared from the mumbo jumbos of default header & footer notes. You can find the pre-defined merge tags on the right side while creating the content.

Add Merge Tags

  1. Click on the intended merge tag.
  2. Copy the merge tag relative to the first name, last name or email address.
  3. Paste the tag in an appropriate place in the content. (For instance, if you want to replace address the recipient by his first name, copy the related merge tag “$[FNAME]$ and paste at the right place in the content.
  4. Click Save & Close to proceed.


  • If you plan to import your campaign, please copy, paste relevant merge tags in your HTML before importing
  • If you select HTML editor/Text editor please copy, paste relevant tags corresponding to their respective position within your content.

Subject based Merge Tags

Personalize your subject -- the easiest shortcut to grab your subscribers' attention. They decide whether or not to open your email based on how relevant and interesting you keep your subject line as. Our easy-to-use merge tags will help you in sending the right subject to the right set of audience.

Usage of First Name in Subject Line

We all love our names and we always are curious to open an email that has a personalized subject and name. Use your customer's first name $[FNAME|Subscriber]$ by inserting a merge tag like this:

“Hey $[FNAME|Subscriber]$, Your Weekly Updates” would look like “Hey Subscriber, Your Weekly Updates”.

Here are a few tips to nail the right subject line:

  • Avoid using email address on your subject line.
  • Always make your subject line crisp and up to the point.
  • Always choose a default value in the merge tags. That will act as a replacement if your customers' first names are not updated in the contact list.
  • You can also use the last name in subject merge tags.

List Info Tags

These merge tags pulls the information from your list details.

$[ML:LISTNAME]$ - Displays the list name.
$[ML:LISTSUBCOUNT]$ - Displays the number of subscribers present in the list.

Social Share Tags

You can customize your email campaign by including Merge tags for sharing the email campaign on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This will make your subscribers to share your email campaign on social media. Let’s have a look at the different types of Social Share Tags.

In the Content configuration page, you can find the social share tags on the right side of page. Just copy the specific merge tag and paste in your campaign content. We’ll provide the link or icon depending upon the type of merge tag chosen for the sharing.

Link Based Tags
These are social sharing links which allow your subscriber to share the campaign on social sites such as Facebook, Tweeter and LinkedIn.

To share on Facebook - $[SS:FBLIKELINK]$
To share on Twitter -$[SS:TWTWEETLINK]$
To share on LinkedIn - $[SS:LNSHARELINK]$

Icon Based Tags
These are social sharing icons which allow your subscriber to share the campaign on social sites such as Facebook, Tweeter and LinkedIn.  In an icon based tag, “Like” is the title tag and “Like this” is the Alt text for the icon.  

To share on Facebook - $[SS:FBLIKEICON|Like|Like this]$
To share on Twitter - $[SS:TWTWEETICON|Tweet|Tweet this]$
To share on LinkedIn - $[SS:LNSHAREICON|Share|Share this]$


  • Use href tag to add link based tags. For e.g. <a href=”$[SS:FBLIKELINK]$”>Like</a>
  • Icon merge tags are not supported in text format.

Essential Tags

You can provide an option to print the email campaign using Merge tags. These essential tags make your subscribers to print your email campaign. Let’s have a look at the different types of essential tags.

$[ET:PRINTLINK]$ - This is displayed in the form of link to print the email campaign.
$[ET:PRINTICON]$ - This is displayed in the form of icon to print the email campaign.
$[ET:PRINTICON|Print|Print this]$ - This is also displayed in the form of icon with Print as hover message.
$[ET:COMMENTS_LINK]$ - This is displayed in the form of link to add comment in email campaign.
$[ET:COMMENTS_ICON]$ - This is displayed in the form of icon to add comment in email campaign.
$[ET:COMMENTS_ICON|Comments|Add comments]$ - This is displayed in the form of icon with hover comment as Add Comment in email campaign.

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