A/B Campaigns

A/B Campaigns

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A/B testing Campaign is an easy and time-proven way to increase your open rate and click rate of your campaigns. You can send two versions of your campaign to your subscribers to find out which of the two performed well. This helps you decide the best subject line and content for your campaign; to experiment it with a small group of subscribers first; and then you can run your own mass campaign.

Why A/B Testing?

  • Have you ever thought more about what the secret ingredient was that made your campaign successful? To remember what did you do just right to make your campaign hit with your subscribers and that pumped up the number of prospects?
  • Was it just the subject line or was it the content that brought you success?
  • And, what if your campaign had not done well? Will you not always remember to avoid the mistakes in your next campaigns? Will you not want to do better?


The answer for all these questions is A/B testing where you split your campaign into two versions with respect to a change in the subject line or the content part and check which would be the one with highest  open rate or click rate within the specified time.  However, there are other angles to view in this methodology.

  1. It is a blend of quantitative and qualitative method where you select certain number of subscribers to send two different versions of an email and check the quality of the content or subject part.
  2. Here subscribers become jurist who decides the version of your email campaign to give a final call.
  3. It provides you the platform to experiment with your email campaign and understand the market trend revolving around your subscribers.

Create A/B Campaign

Create an A/B campaign and send both the version to the recipients. We’ll choose the winner and send the winning version to the remaining recipients from your mailing list, automatically.

Step 1 A/B Testing Setup

  1. Click Email Campaigns tab --> Advanced Campaigns --> New AB Campaign.
  2. In A/B Testing Setup page, give a name to your A/B Campaign.

  3. A/B Test Type:  It is the type of test you want to apply on the campaign on the basis of Subject Line, Sender Details or Campaign Content.
  4. Choose Recipients percentage for A/B Campaign: Select the percentage of contacts from the list; you want to send the A/B campaign.
  5. Choose Winner Type: Here you’ve an option to select the winner on the basis of Open Rate or Click Rate or manually where you choose the winner based on the A/B report so that we can send the campaign to remaining recipients.
  6. Also, you’ve the option for the test duration of how long the A/B test should run.

  7. Click Next to proceed.

Step 2 Configure Subject/Sender Details

  1. In this step, you would enter the subject line or sender name for Campaign A and Campaign B depending upon the test type you’ve opted for in the previous step.
  2. Sender Email Address: Select the email address from the drop down list.
  3. Reply-To Address: The subscriber will reply to this email address.
  4. Click Next to proceed.

Step 3 Content Configuration

  1. If you’ve opted for Campaign Content as a basis to test the Campaign, here you would’ve the option to configure two different content versions for the test.
  2. Click Next to proceed.

Step 4: Choose Recipients

  1. You'll choose the contact list or a segment of your list to which you'll send the A/B campaign.
  2. Click Next to proceed.

Now, the A/B Campaign would be sent for review and once it is done, you can send the A/B campaign, successfully.

A/B Test Reports

Once your A/B campaign is sent, you can view the test results in the Summary page. Apart from our Campaign reports where we show the A/B Test Details delivered, opened and clicked, we also show the A/B Test Reports which highlights the number of subscribers Opened, Unopened, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Marked Spam, Forwards and the email address details of those who opened the email.

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