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Associate Task/Meeting/Planner Task/Notes

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When you create events on your calendar, it might be necessary for you to associate the event with other services too. Here are the services with which you can associate your events.

  • Zoho Business
    • Task
    • Notes
  • Zoho Planner
  • Zoho Meeting
  • Zoho CRM

To associate with the services,

  • Click on "Create Event".
  • Enable the services you want to associate the event with, by selecting the appropriate check boxes.
  • Save the event to update the changes.

To view the details in the associated services,

  • Click on the event on the calendar.
  • The quick edit dialog box pops up with icons for the associated services.
  • Click on the icon of the service you want to view.

Zoho Notes and Zoho Task can be viewed on a pop-up from within Zoho Calendar itself. Zoho Meeting, Zoho Planner and Zoho CRM open up as separate applications.

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