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1. How can I upgrade to a higher plan ?

The portal owner is the only person who can upgrade the account.

To upgrade your plan :

  • Go to Upgrade Billing tab present in My Home tab
  • In this you can see the complete pricing chart with various plans
  • Select a suitable plan that matches your requirement
  • Click Upgrade button and provide your credit card details for payment


  • You can upgrade from any level to any level at any time.

2. How can I downgrade from a higher paid plan to a lower paid plan ?

  • Go to Upgrade/Billing section
  • Click Downgrade Button for the plan, you like to move.

For example, if you currently have 50 active projects you can't downgrade to the express plan because the express plan only allows 20 projects. You'll have to delete or archive 30 projects before you can downgrade to standard plan

3. Can I upgrade / downgrade or cancel a plan at anytime?

Absolutely. Zoho BugTracker is a pay as you go service so you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

4. How can I downgrade from a paid plan to a free plan ?

The portal owner is the only person who can downgrade the account.

To downgrade to a free plan :

  • Login to the portal as portal owner
  • Click Upgrade/Billing tab
  • Click Downgrade button

You're now downgraded from a paid plan.

5. What kind of payments do you accept?

We currently accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express. We do accept payments via PayPal upon user request. For PayPal related payments you need have an account with PayPal.

In addition, we also accept payments via check transfer but we provide this facility only for Yearly subscription irrespective of the selected plan and not otherwise.