Personal Settings in BugTracker

Personal Settings

Personal Settings allows you to set up your basic information. All user roles have privileges to customize their Personal Settings and Email notifications. You can also access Zoho BugTracker from other services using the Zoho Service Communication (ZSC)  key.

Table of Contents

Set up personal profile

To set up your personal profile:

  1. In ADMIN section, click Settings.
  2. Click Personal Settings.
  3. Click MY PROFILE, specify your Full Name, Nickname, Office Phone No, Home Phone No and Mobile No.
    My Profile
  4. Click Update Profile, to update the profile changes.
  5. Click LANGUAGE SETTINGS, select your preferred Language.
    My Language
  6. Click Update Language Settings to update your preferred language.
  7. Click CHANGE YOUR PHOTO and then click Change Photo link.
    My Photo
  8. Click Choose File to select your photo.
  9. Click Upload Photo, to upload your photo.
  10. Click CHANGE PASSWORD. You will be directed to the ZOHO Accounts page.
    My Password
  11. In ZOHO Accounts page, specify your Password information and click Save to save your new password.
    • The updated password must be used for signing into all Zoho services.
  12. Click CHANGE YOUR THEME & PATTERN, select a theme and pattern for your portal background.
    My Theme
  13. Click Update Theme & Pattern to update your theme and pattern changes.

Configure email notifications

You can configure email notifications to keep track of your activities. You can set notification mails for bug activities, set notification mails for milestone modifications and so on.

To configure email notifications:

  1. In ADMIN section, click Settings.
  2. Click Email Notification.
  3. In Configure Notifications tab, select the desired notification options.
  4. Click Submit to enable notification mails.


Zoho Service Communication (ZSC) key is used to access Zoho BugTracker module from other services. In addition, with the ZSC key you can import your contacts stored in Zoho CRM and Zoho Business.

To regenerate ZSC key:

  1. In ADMIN section, click Settings.
  2. Click Developers Space.
    ZSC Key
  3. Click Regenerate Key to regenerate a new ZSC key.


  • Existing ZSC key will be deleted when you regenerate a ZSC key.