Bug Settings

Bug settings

Before you begin to file bugs in the bugtracker, you must setup certain basic workflow for the bugs. In Bug Settings you can set up business rules, status and workflow, severity etc. You can customize your bugtracker to match your project needs. Users with Administrative rights can customize bugtracker.

Business Rules

Setup business rules for bugs as early as they are initially filed, so that your bugs are classified. And also define the transition status for your bugs.
Business Rules |Custom Workflow

Permissions and Notifications

Configure client privileges, personal email server and notification mails.
Notification Patterns| Client Permissions| Email Settings


Add bug ID and group bugs based on severity, module and so on.
Bug Prefix| Fields

Import Bugs

Capture bugs from external sites as well as import bugs from other applications.
Import Bugs| File Bugs from External Website

Link Bugs

Link and set dependencies between bugs to keep track.
Link Bugs