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About Zoho BugTracker

For small and medium teams who want to fix bugs fast, Zoho BugTracker is an online bug tracking software that is easy to setup and use. Unlike others, our bug tracker is a software that your developers will love to use.

Feeds View for Bugs

When you are working in a team across multiple projects, you want to share certain information like status update, unexpected issues, attach files, server problem, etc which do not require a formal mail. Begin to update your team about your work status and share information.
Bug Feeds

Bugs in Projects

There are multiple projects associated and you want to distinguish them. Then you can group projects based on clients and other project users.
Bugs in Projects | Grouping Projects in Bugtracker

Automate bugs the way you work

Bugs are countless and so are your projects. Select a project and customize business validation for its bugs before working within the selected project and its associated bugs, forums,timesheets and so on.
Bugs | Timesheet