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Team members who are dispersed across the globe need a way to interact with others. Zoho BugTracker solves this challenge with an interactive forums where one can post a topic, discuss ideas and help capture the expert knowledge in one place.

Start a topic

Start a new topic

Start a topic, let your team share their views and get to know the exact requirements to start a new project. When starting a topic, you can also notify members who are interested through an email.

post comments

Post comments for a topic

Post comments for a topic you are interested, discuss ideas, critics and keep the conversation flowing which becomes a smart knowledge base for your project teams.

Attach files for a topic

Attach files for a topic

Struggling for the right words to communicate? Express your views now by attaching files for a topic. This way you can substantiate your views with an attachment, blogs or other useful links.

Organize topics in folders

Organize topics in folders

Categorize your topics by creating folders. Eg: Invoices related topics can be stored in Invoices folder. When starting a topic, you can mark a post that is important as sticky for everyone to see.

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