Trail Your Money's Exit

One of the challenges of running a business, is keeping track of the mounting bills & expenses and the money flowing out . This is one of many areas where Zoho Books can help you stay organized.

Greater Visibility on Your Expenses

A better organization of your expenses results in an accurate reflection of your spending. Zoho Books helps you break up your expenses into categories, which in turn helps you with tax deductions like car and truck expenses, mileage, etc.

Understand where you spend most
Upload and attach expense receipts

Attach Expense Receipts

It is easy to lose a receipt or two, when there are too many to keep track of. Capture all your receipts in one place using Zoho Books. Quickly take a picture of your paper receipt on your iOS or android app and upload it to Zoho Books.

Pay Bills on Time

Get on the good side of your vendors by paying on time. With Zoho Books you can prioritize your bills, by keeping track of when and how much owe your vendors and make payments based on that.

Monitor overdue bill payments

Don't Lose Out On Reimbursable Expenses

Bill project expenses to clients

Organize your expenses into billable and non-billable and know their status: unbilled, invoiced or reimbursed, using Zoho Books. And when it is time to send an invoice to your customers, you can easily include the associated billable expenses.