In this section you can select or change your Zoho Books subscription plan. Currently Zoho Books offers 2 plans, a monthly and a yearly subscription plan.

Go to the Settings icon and select Subscription. This will take you to the Zoho Payments page, from where you can change plans, update card details or cancel your subscription.

Managing your subscription

Choosing a plan

To choose a plan, follow these steps,

Note : You can purchase credits for snail mail by clicking on the Buy Credits button. You can also check the credits available in your account from here.

Cancelling your subscription

To cancel your subscription, follow these steps

This opens a window where you have the option to cancel your subscription right away, or wait till the end of the current billing cycle for the cancellation to take effect. Confirm your downgrade in order to proceed. Refer this link to know what happens to your data when you cancel your subscription.

Updating card and address details

To update your Credit Card details, follow these steps.

Payment History

Follow these steps to see every transaction you’ve made. This includes your plan upgrades, purchases and renewals.