Customer spotlight: Mobafone simplifies its accounting with Zoho Books

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Mobafone case studyOur accounting software continues to entice the customers by simplifying and streamlining their accounting processes. One of our happy customers, Jerome Schultz, General Manager of Mobafone GmbH found Zoho Books to be perfect for his business needs. His company engages in mobile application development and mobile service consultation. Being in the industry for more than a decade, the company aims to create unique customer experiences in the mobile internet space by developing the most innovative mobile apps.

Jerome is based in Germany but he frequently visits Mobafone’s offices in Thailand and Indonesia. Jerome would be away from Germany for almost half a year which means he has to record mutiple transactions while he is on the move. As Mobafone’s operations spans three countries, accounts have to be up-to-date which would also involve multi-currency transactions.

The company which already uses some of Zoho’s apps such as Zoho Creator and Zoho Projects was exploring for a cloud-based accounting software. The most vital reason that prompted Mobafone switch to our accounting software was Zoho Books’ integration with Google Apps and also that it is cloud-based.

Now that, Zoho Books simplifies bookkeeping and keeps Mobafone’s accounts in control. Managing accounts in multiple countries and currencies is not a painful task anymore. Click here to read the complete story as how Zoho Books saves time and improves productivity for Mobafone.

Zoho Books Gets Even Easier to Use With Automatic Bank Feeds

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We’re always looking for ways to simplify life for our customers. We are thrilled to announce a major update to our accounting software, Zoho Books: You are now able to connect your bank and credit card accounts securely and automatically download transactions right into Zoho Books.

Reduce manual data entry
Let me illustrate with this with a simple example. You’ve bought a flight ticket using your credit card. To keep track of this in your accounting system, you’d need to manually classify this as a Travel Expense and enter multiple information including the amount, date, reference number, the airline from whom the ticket was purchased etc. This is tedious and can lead to mistakes. Even after going through this you are still not done – you still need to reconcile this with your bank statement. This is just one transaction. Imagine doing this for hundreds of transactions and the time wasted quickly adds up. We all have got better things to do!
But when you opt to receive automatic bank feeds, Zoho Books pulls in transactions from your bank accounts and all you’ll need to do is classify this as ‘TravelExpense’.

Auto-classification of Transactions with bank rules
Furthermore, Zoho Books allows you to specify how you want to classify the bank and credit card transactions, taking this closer to zero data entry. Continuing with the same example, you can tell Zoho Books to classify all purchases that in the description have ‘Southwest Airlines’ as “Travel Expense”. Voila! Absolutely nothing to enter and completely error free again.

We Support THOUSANDS of Banks 
Currently we support several thousands of banks that we are able to receive feeds via Yodlee. However, these do not include banks that require multi factor authentication. We will include these banks in our upcoming product upgrades. Yodlee is the world’s leading provider of online banking solutions and banks world over use Yodlee to automate aggregation of account data.
So what if your bank is not there in the list of automatic feeds? Don’t worry, we also allow you to import a CSV file bank statement. You still can gain massively from auto-categorization and avoid data entry. You just need to upload the statement yourself instead of Zoho Books doing it for you.

To learn more about this, visit our tour page.

This has been a top-requested feature from you, our customers. We can’t wait to have you try it out and let us know what you think.

Fresh updates on exchange rate in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books

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When running your own business, it’s mighty difficult to keep track of everything. Your memory cells will plead for mercy if asked to remember the exchange rate entered for every currency ever used.

Keeping that in mind, in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books, you can:

  • View last set exchange rate: Exchange rate set for a customer’s currency is now saved in settings. When creating a new invoice for the same customer, system reminds you of the last set rate. You can choose the existing rate or set a new rate or set a new rate just for the invoice. There’s more flexibility as you can modify them whenever you want. New rate does not affect your old invoices. If you want to view the rate set by you on a given date, just go over to the exchange rate history page in settings.

Exchange Rate


  • Recalculate Item Price : Another thing to take note of, are the item prices which you would probably have stored as per your currency. You can’t run around looking for a calculator everytime you want to recalculate the item price. Just select your customer’s currency in Zoho Invoice and have the price recalculated for all the items in the invoice.

  • Import and export exchange rate: Why type when you can just import it all in quick and easy steps. Get the data from one of the currency conversion sites as a CSV or TSV file and pull it in Zoho Invoice smoothly.

Learn more about setting the exchange rate for a currency in our help section. ​We hope you like the additions and it comes in handy when tackling the ever fluctuating rates. You can add your suggestions below or even share  how you manage the rise and fall of the exchange rate for your business.

PayPal Payflow Pro : New addition in the gateway list

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Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books now support PayPal Payflow Pro payment gateway. You can configure Payflow Pro as your online payment option and have your customers make online payment on the same page without being redirected to any other site.

​​​​If you are from US, CPayflow Proanada, New Zealand or Australia and your company processes large number of transactions on a daily basis, then Payflow Pro is a good choice for you. Your customers will love you too as they don’t have to wait in the long queue to make their payment.

​​Payflow Pro requires you to have an Internet Merchant Account, essentially an account that handles the funds received via credit card payment from your customer. The real beauty with Payflow Pro is the extensive reporting it offers. It lets you know the payment status and their customer support is always available to troubleshoot any questions you have for them.

Online Payment Gateway

Read more about Payflow Pro and find out if it suits your business needs.  While you are at it, also check out other payment gateways that we support – PayPal -  Standard and Business payments, Google Checkout and Authorize.Net.  Read more on how to set up the online gateway in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books and quickly start receiving online payments from your customers.

Customer Spotlight : Graeme sends invoices while sailing

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Scotsail logoWhether you are on a yacht or sailing on a powerboat, invoicing is just a breeze through. You can stay connected with your business even while you’re sailing. Our customer Graeme, who runs one of Scotland’s premier RYA recognized sailing schools does exactly that. His company 1st Scotsail Training trains hundreds of its customers on its dedicated training yachts. Our invoice software has helped Graeme save enormous amount of time on his bookkeeping related activities.

I now get a lot of time to concentrate on my business. Zoho Invoice has helped us achieve more scalability. – Graeme Kerr, Co-founder – Scotsail

Our invoice program is so simple to use that most of Scotsail’s employees create and send invoices on their own to their clients.Thus it helps increase efficiency and saves lot of time.

RYA ScotlandThe most important things that his business demands are to send PDF invoices to his clients and track/receive faster payments. As Zoho Invoice is integrated with popular online payment gateways, Scotsail now receives instant payments from its customers thus improving its cash flow.

Graeme also uses Zoho Invoice’s iPhone app which enables him to send invoices on the go. He also plans to migrate to our accounting software soon. Also, Graeme would be trying our iPhone app in iPad3 which is going to be launched soon. Click here to read Scotsail’s complete success story…

Introducing: One button to merge them all

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Title alone is a giveaway. You have two or more customers with duplicate records in your Zoho Invoice or Zoho Books customer list. Reason for their existence could be :

1. You recently imported accounts and contacts from Zoho CRM and there are duplicate customer names staring at you.

2. You and your colleague unknowingly created the same contact under two different names. One as ‘Jane’ and another as ‘Jane Thomas’.

End Result : There are two sets of data (invoices, estimates,expenses..etc.,) running parallel for the same customer. You are annoyed and want to delete everything and start fresh… Pause .. Take a deep breath.

A little while ago we introduced ‘Merge Customer’. This tiny, yet powerful feature in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books lets you merge your customer data so you won’t have to worry about twin records anymore. What it essentially does is, maps the duplicate record to the master record (customer which you wish to keep) and transfers all the data like invoices,estimates,etc., to the master record. Read more about  ‘Merge Customers‘ in our Help section

Also, as a time saver, we’ve introduced the ‘Merge’ button right on top of the customer list page. You can check all the duplicates and merge them all at once.

Merge customer recordsGo ahead and start merging. Let us know what you think.​

Zoho Books says ‘Don’t fret while paying multiple bills’

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Recently in Zoho Books you could record payment for multiple invoices issued to your customers. Now we got more good news for you!​

After some careful analysis on the feature requests and our forums, we identified another pain point for our users. Multiple Bill payment for a vendor.

Imagine this. It’s a bright sunny day, you reach office and get a frantic call from your vendor to clear your several outstanding bills. Not a result of your poor time management skill but just one of those days when everything on your to-do list goes awry. You want to resolve this as soon as possible so that you can go back to your planned activities. You pay your dues and click open your accounting software to do the tedious task of recording the payment ONE by ONE

Well that was ‘before’. Now Zoho Books allows you to record payment for multiple bills for a vendor from ‘a single screen’. You click on the magical button ‘bill payment’ and all the outstanding bills are listed on a single screen. Enter partial or full amount against the individual bills and save. You now save time which you can devote to growing your business.

Multiple Bill PaymentWait wait… we got more news !

If you are a business owner, chances are apart from receiving customer advances, sometimes your supplier may request for an advance payment for the supplies or goods delivered to you. You can use the same magical button ‘bill payment’, enter the advance amount and save it. When creating future bills for the same vendor, Zoho Books will remind you of the existing credits available which you can use to pay the bill.

Credits available for vendor

Hope this little feature solves your problem. Do send your feedback in the comments below and stay tuned in for more updates coming your way!