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Terms and Conditions

  1. Your participation in the Advisor Program ("Program") will be confirmed upon your registration for the Program and completion of the certification process.
  2. To remain as part of the Program, you are required to
    • Introduce/refer prospective customers to Zoho Books
    • Ensure that at least one person in your firm is an expert in Zoho Books (the person must have attended webinars and other training events related to Zoho Books)
    • Embed Zoho Books logo provided to you in your website and link it to www.zoho.com/books.
  3. Upon your appointment as a Partner, you will be provided access to the accountant forum ("Forum"). You must ensure that
    • You represent yourself or your firm, not Zoho, when you post or respond to posts in the Forum.
    • Forum is used only for resolving customer questions and not to actively promote your business to your clients. However you are permitted to link your firm website in your signature.
    • No ad image or ad copy is posted in the Forum.
  4. This engagement will commence as of the date you receive an email from Zoho confirming your appointment as a "Partner" and shall continue until terminated by either party.
  5. Either party may terminate this engagement at any time, for any reason, by giving written notice to the other party.
  6. You agree to conduct yourself in a responsible, professional, and appropriate manner while dealing with prospective customers.
  7. You agree not to make any representation or warranty to prospective customers with respect to Zoho Books other than those representations and warranties contained in the Zoho Books website.
  8. Zoho may modify the terms of this Program from time to time. However, you will be provided notice of such changes through an announcement or by electronic mail. Upon being informed of such changes, you may either terminate this engagement and cease participating in the Program or accept the changes and continue to participate in the Program.
  9. Zoho reserves the right to discontinue the Program any time by providing written notice to you.