Salesforce discount code: ZOHO?

Zoho CRM | April 25, 2011 | 1 min read

Naturally, we believe our products are superior to our competitors’ offerings, but we understand there are some organizations who choose to try Salesforce as their CRM solution.

So for those of you who happen to be using Salesforce for whatever reason, we’d still like to help you. It turns out Salesforce has been doing more than just sending the same questionable form letter about Zoho to customers for the last couple of years — we’ve been hearing from some of our friends that Salesforce has been willing to match our great low prices.

That would mean the Enterprise Edition, for example, would cost just $25/user/month — a whopping 80% off the regular $125/user/month price. If you’re paying Salesforce more than you’d pay for Zoho CRM, we suggest you call your friendly Salesforce representative and ask for this offer.

And of course, we do hope you’ll try our services in the future, whether it’s just Zoho CRM or the integrated Zoho suite of apps. No discount code necessary.

  1. Ryanair Fees

    Have people achieved this matched pricing?I tried to get UK Salesforce to match and they were having none of it, offering me nothing off rate card