Dashboard: US Economic Indicators

Zoho Reports | July 27, 2011 | 1 min read

Articles about the state of the economy in the media invariably feature one or more graphs. Say how the GDP has fared over the last few quarters or how the inflation has been over the last few years. Various government agencies are involved in publishing these indicators. Sites like http://www.data.govhttp://www.bea.govhttp://www.census.gov etc publish lots of such data regularly. The difficulty here is that you might get overwhelmed with loads of data. You can get lost in searching for what you want across multiple sites. So we thought of putting some of the important indicators all at one place, as a Zoho Reports dashboard.

You can mouse over/click a bar or a point to see the underlying data. Let us know if you would like any other metric to be included in the above dashboard. The whole reporting database is available here.

  1. Mark Thurman

    Interesting. So China and Japan are shouldering most of the risk, followed by the UK. Japan is in a far worse position of these three I think. Its National Debt is more than $56,000 per head of population, in comparison China’s is $357 (2010 figures).

  2. Jennifer

    Thank you for the information. A friend referred me to Zoho to check out the reports and what they could do.

  3. Arvind

    Thanks, Jonathan 🙂

  4. Jonathan Davies

    This is an eye-opener on the usefulness of Zoho Reports.