Firewall/Proxy Transparency

Intranets, Employees and Private Groups

Most computer users have firewalls installed on their systems these days to prevent unwanted programs and persons from gaining access.  Corporate networks are usually setup with proxies/NAT which, only allow filtered access. Zoho Assist sees through these barriers to make a swift connection to your remote customer, as long as they are connected to the internet and approve your access. You or your customers need not have to mess with any network configuration settings.

While it may seem that these security barriers are being broken in making a connection, it is not the case. The firewall/proxy settings remain the same even after a support session is terminated. Nor is it a case of installing other destructive software to enable a connection. Zoho Assist makes connections by using outbound HTTPS/SSL connection technology and thereby avoids any unnecessary configuration changes. Hence, Zoho Assist works with the firewalls/proxies rather than evade them. Your support session will not be affected in terms of speed or functionality in anyway. You can be up and running to assist your customers without compromising the security settings on both ends. 

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